he’s a plus sized boy

With the weather being as cool as it’s been in my neck of the woods lately, Riley gets to go a lot more places – more trips to the pet store, more running quick errands, and more visits to the dog park since he doesn’t get so hot this time of year. I mentioned this the other day via Twitter, but will mention it again here.

I see all of these designer cat carriers and fancy-schmancy dog tote bags, and I can’t help but feel like dog accessory companies are forgetting that big dogs are high maintenance, too! Not that I would do it on anytime but a special occasion and/or event of some nature, but sometimes Riley likes to wear t-shirts. More often than not, my only source for couture (did I just use that word?) for my pooch has to somewhere on the Internet.

This is what I get for turning on my computer at home for the night and getting sucked into actually working from home when I should be, you know, sleeping from home.


  1. I saw a few dog strollers at a festival we went to this weekend. Like a baby stroller, but with a bed for a small dog to lay down on. Sorry, didn’t seem big enough for a plus sized dog. :)

  2. My mom makes dog coats in fleece, faux suede, sometimes courderoy, Carhart type canvas, bright orange ones for hunting season, etc. With or without little holes in the back for the leash to clip to a harness underneath.

    If it even works, this is a crappy picture of my dog, Spike, wearing one inside because my house is always way cold in the winter and he loves those damn things. She makes all sizes if you’re interested.

  3. Didn’t work… here’s the link if you wanna cut & paste it old school style.


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