jenni made me

This is what’s on my desk at work, that’s not related to work. It might explain why I get easily distracted.

  • two empty vases and one full of flowers
  • an eye patch
  • a DVD of Shaker Run
  • a Big E Pak of gum that The Work Boys™ ripped the label off and wrote VIAGRA across the front of it
  • five pink plastic cups
  • Lubriderm (label also ripped off and sometime used to squirt at The Work Boys™)
  • hair wax that’s gone unused for entirely too long
  • a Torii Hunter poster
  • my Camelbak bottle
  • a wall-sized Twins schedule stolen from U Otter Stop Inn
  • a pink apron
  • this picture of Riley and a picture of my grandparents that I can’t find on Flickr, but it’s similar to this one.

And this is even after I filled a whole box with personal effects last week. No reason.

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