yes, i like flowers

I’ve been going through a ton of shit in a certain area of my life right now, that I’m not really at liberty to talk about on this site for fear of unfriendly repercussion. A lot of you probably know about it from my LiveJournal or emailing, or even perhaps my private Twitter account.

My Work BFF™ has been the most awesome person ever when it comes to listening to me whine or complain or just get downright angry with this particular situation. If the roles were reversed, I’d like to think I’d be as cool with the constant interruptions and bitchfests I’ve filled her ear with for the last couple of months. And today, she totally outdid herself, albeit she’s still denying it!

This morning, shortly before lunch, I got a call from our receptionist and an email marked OMGHIGHPRIORITY that I had flowers at the front desk. I took a jaunt towards that side of the building for the second time that day, and sure enough – flowers for me. The Work Boys™ gibed me for a while after I picked them up, because “Ooooh, Wendy got flowers!” and that must mean I’m sleeping with someone. (They’re adorable, and they’re fun, but those boys aren’t all there sometimes.)

Anyway, now I have a gorgeous arrangement of fresh flowers on my desk at work with a card that anonymously reminds me how awesome I am. You can’t possibly get a co-worker any better than that.


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