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In the 5+ years I’ve lived in Minnesota, I’ve had to get my front windshield replaced twice.

Both times, the folks from the Minneapolis auto glass place have just met me at work, pop the cracked glass out and pop the new glass in. With my car, it’s been relatively easy, as far as I can tell, and when it’s all over with, I have a nice shiny windshield without spiderweb cracks all over the place.

The first time I had it done, they were also replacing the glass in a co-worker’s car, but they weren’t having as easy of a time getting the original glass out. The guy was standing on the front bumper and there was some jumping going around, and I had no clue what exactly was being done. I just looked out my window to see a guy in the parking lot across from mine doing the same thing, only he wasn’t trying to get the windshield out.

The dummy had driven the car into a ditch and apparently bouncing on the front of it was his solution to getting it back out. I could probably get rid of cable and find more than enough entertainment in the neighborhood.

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