baby shower supplies are dangerously adorable

This weekend, I was in charge of buying a wedding gift, wrapping it, and bringing it to the wedding/reception. The latter of those two never happened, but I didn’t feel too bad about it, because who needs two big boxes from Crate & Barrel when you’re headed for two weeks in Tahiti and Bora Bora, right? I’m sure they won’t need 12 glasses with fancy names or odd looking pitchers to hold their copious amounts of fruity islands drinks they’ll be slamming down.

I decided to do my wrapping paper shopping at Target, because all I have is Christmas-related paper in stock at Casa de Wendy. The options, they were limited, and I blame the baby shower party supplies for overwhelming me with cuteness and possibly forever removing my ability to find wedding-related paper goods again.

Yes, maybe I do want to throw up a little when I see things like this:

But it’s only because who doesn’t want to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and all of the joy (and poop) they’ll bring with a living room filled with Precious Moments Baby Shower Decorations? Oh, holy crap, and when I purchase my small child from whatever third world country Angelina Jolie hasn’t completely adopted, please throw me the Surf’s Up Baby Shower.

I honestly had no idea there were OPTIONS for baby shower themes, other than Pink or Blue. Man, why can’t all my friends get knocked up right now? (Wait. Don’t do it.)


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