upcoming long weekend

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a long weekend and not gotten out of town as quickly as possible. This weekend, I have a wedding that I have to go to, and I’ve added in a baseball game and possibly a Minnesota Vixen football game, depending on how my schedule plays out. If it weren’t for all of that, I could see myself enjoying some on the beach holidays without hesitation.

I’d find myself a beach chair with some shade and plant myself firmly for a good three days in some all-inclusive resort so I wouldn’t have to worry about the laundry list of island-related drinks I’d have coming one right after the other. Some time on a sandy beach, with only a short walk back to my mini-fridge equipped resort room, is exactly what I could use right now.

Maybe I’d spend the long weekend on the shore of Ibiza, since it does have the largest club in the world, taking advantage of sleeping until noon, spending some time on the beach, napping in the early evening, and then heading out to dance until the sun comes up. Yeah, I could handle that in about three months when my poor, aching feet have healed.

Until then, I’ll have to settle for some time on the couch watching Who’s the Boss? reruns and just thinking about my feet in the Mediterranean Sea instead.

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