the kindness of strangers when it comes to boobs

For the most part, the people that donated things and ended up winning things at the Boob Ha Ha were people I’d never met. Hey, strangers like boobs.

Barbara, from, has just thrown down a challenge of her own:

Here’s what I will promise to do – for each and EVERY dollar (up to $100) that any of you will donate to put Wendy over the top . . . I will match it. You donate $1 and I will give $1. My cap at this point is $100 – so if one person antes up the entire $100, that will be the end of it – but, HEY, you can up the ante yourself, you see. If you REALLY want to make a difference, write about it at YOUR site and offer to match funds up to whatever amount you can afford.

So far, there’s been $15 thrown in, all of which Barbara will match. (Ironic that my company doesn’t do donation matching, but strangers from the Internet do, no?)

Man, I love the internet. And thanks so much, Barbara!!

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  1. Well, DUH! I guess you DO have comments – I’m not slow or anything – sheesh!

    So glad to help – and wanna see pictures of the shaving party. You are awesome, Wendy!

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