mattress and then some

A couple of years ago, I made my very first grown up furniture purchase – a full-size mattress. Hey, it was a big step up from the twin size hospital bed mattress my grandma had sent to Minnesota with me, and it was very exciting. Since then, I’ve moved into my own apartment, which resulted in a whole bunch of grown up furniture. I only skimped in one department, and that was the dining room table. Let’s face it – I never planned on using it for more than a holding spot for Target purchases I’m too lazy to put away when I get home from a massive shopping spree. I have been window shopping for my dream mattress in the zenhaven reviews, dream on clouds.


Until about a week ago, Riley’s crate had also been taking up nearly my entire dining room, causing my $99 IKEA-purchase dining set (a table and four chairs – how could I say no?) to be shoved up against the wall. Now that he’s all grown and has abandoned his crate (I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that this is permanent), I’m exploring my options. And I’m kind of in love with the dining room sets that are a big higher than regular ones, like this one. Why? Because my dog that winds up being close to five feet tall when he stands up won’t be able to have complete frickin’ access to it like he does my current one.

Granted, isn’t exactly local to the Minneapolis area. But at least I know the next time I visit Texas where I can find some inexpensive and not too shabby looking Houston furniture!

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