when i’m nervous i can’t stay on topic

I love my tattoos so much. My latest one is currently entering scab over and itch phase, which I absolutely hate, but I’m good at ignoring it.

I’m torn between my next tattoo idea, mainly because I don’t know where to put it. I just know if I win one of these tattoo gift certificates that were donated from Steady Tattoo in Minneapolis, it’ll probably spur my decision along a little more quickly.

Hey, have you checked out the goods we have up for auction? The auction ends on Thursday, and hell yes, we’ll ship most of it! Just probably not the cakes.

Speaking of fundraisers, things aren’t going so well at work. My Work BFF™ just told me I should treat work like I’m fundraising (for myself instead of The 3 Day), and I’ll do just fine. I kind of love that kid a lot, and not because she just went to buy me lunch today because I didn’t have cash and didn’t want to leave my desk.

I had the most bizarre IM conversation today and I don’t even understand where it was going, regardless of how many times I’ve went back to read it.

What's up?