tattoo #2: live now

Here’s the thing. Between my electricity not working and Windows Vista having this horrible fetish of wanting Windows Explorer to take a crap all the time, I’ve had a hard time uploading pictures of Tattoo #2 that took place this weekend.

Friday afternoon, I scheduled a consultation with my tattoo guy, Doug. (How many tattoos doesn’t it take, by the way, to officially have a tattoo guy?) The consult was at 4pm on Saturday, so I picked Cindi up and after dawdling at the coffee shop underneath Uptown Tattoo, we headed upstairs. Doug was finishing up a tattoo, and then came to chat with me about my idea. I’d already drawn it out in all of my Sharpie-printing skills, so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.

He looked at it for no more than two minutes, and before I knew it, this conversation took place:

Doug: When did you want to get this done?
Wendy: Whenever.
Doug: How about now?
Wendy: Um, okay!

I was all set to schedule something later this week, but there was no way in hell I was gonna turn down the opportunity to get it done right then and there.

So, first the meaning behind it: I’ve had a really hard time the past couple of weeks with a handful of events that have just happened out of the blue and for no reason – some I’ve posted about here and some I haven’t. I got an email from an incredible friend that couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time, been a more perfect reminder of something I’ve already been doing, or have given me the swift kick in the ass that I needed at a more appropriate moment.

There’s no way in hell I’m copying and pasting the email, because A) it’s private and B) that shit made me cry (in a good, sniffly way!) the first time I read it. Basically, my friend pointed out that it’s so important to live every moment for that moment (that’s kinda copying and pasting actually!) and make sure every moment counts. I like to think I do that on a daily basis, but maybe sometimes I do need a reminder.

And now I have a permanent one.

Tattoo #2 - Live Now

There are better pictures coming, as soon as I can successfully get them off my camera without going into a fit of rage.


  1. PeeWee

    Does it look like it says “WON EVIL” upside down?
    I think I like the tattoos with words better than the pictures.

  2. Zuly

    i am getting my ink in the fall once i know i’ll be out of the pool for good. yours is just wonderful, sweets.

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