they tried to make me go to rehab

For a few months, I’ve had “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse as my cell phone ring tone. It’s distracting, yes, but not overly so. Not as much as my current ring, which happens to be “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry. In any case, now that Amy Winehouse is in rehab, the song kind of loses it’s meaning. I mean, good for her that she’s in rehab taking care of problems that need attention, but I don’t think I can listen to that song until she’s out. No, no, no.

And you know why I don’t have her song as my cell phone ring anymore? Glad you asked.

The person in the cube next to me heard my phone ring one day and she asked me where I got the ring tone. I told her I’d downloaded it from T-Mobile’s website, and she said, “That’s so awesome! I have to download it!” (or something like that.) I kind of discounted her excitement and her love for my ring tone until a few days later when I hear “Rehab” ringing from a muffled area.

Since that was my ring tone, I grabbed my phone out of my cargo pants pocket and, oh wait, that’s not my phone ringing. It’s my cube neighbor’s phone!

That’s when I changed over to “You’re a crazy bitch, but you (pause, because apparently T-Moblie isn’t a fan of the F word) so good, I’m on top of it. When I dream I’m doing you all night, scratches all down my back to keep me right on.”

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  1. “Crazy Bitch” is my ex’s ringtone on my phone. :-D

    One of the reasons I love my blackberry pearl is that I can make my own mp3 clips of any song I own and make my own ring tones. I *hate* when someone debo’s your ringtone like that. Your cubemate sucks.

    – Will

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