a tattoo is a logo… kinda

With tomorrow being Go Over the Tattoo Idea Day, I figured I should probably at least get some type of a font idea, other than the ones I’d been doodling with at work while waiting for people to pick up the phone when I call. While looking for fonts to download, I ran into a site where you can design a logo online, and funny enough? It’s been given me a pretty good idea on where to go with my tattoo.

I’d originally thought that black and gray was the way to go, but now I’m not convinced I shouldn’t throw a little red in the mix. I mean, who doesn’t like a little black and red thrown into everything? When I put together a very official looking logo online, it sure seemed like it would look good on some business cards or a very large neon-lighted sign.

I sure order some pizza, since I’m done with my nightly nap, and hunt down some more font ideas.

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