posh & pretty david

Before he took the field tonight for the first time with his new team and before he changed shirts three times and before BECKHAMCAM was activated on ESPN2, the very beautiful (and I’ve heard very charming) David Beckham had dinner tonight. Here’s his credit card receipt:

You know who was with him, right? His beautiful wife, Posh Spice Victoria. They may have moved to L.A. from England, but they see nothing wrong with going Dutch.

Honestly, I just put the address to post pictures on Flickr in my phone while we were in Chicago. I forgot how much I missed it until then.


  1. Oh yay! I had forgotten about the fake-name-credit-card-slip. That’s my favorite; I’m so glad you brought it back. And David Beckham dotting his “i” with a little heart is extra fabulous.

  2. It’s just not as fun when you can’t take a picture of it!

    I figured David Beckham would either dot his i with a heart or with a soccer ball, and I was too distracted to draw a soccer ball.

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