hair pictures!

I stole both of these pictures from Jenni, but it’s mainly because I can’t take pictures of myself being this awesome. I also wanted to show you all my awesome hair that I’ve been raving about for a good month now. (I’m like a gay boy, Cindi says, because I carry my hair wax everywhere I go. I can’t help it. Sometimes my hair gets floppy when it should be stiff. Shut up.)

This is me, on Matt’s patio, demonstrating the winning dance in the dance contest they have during the 4th quarter of the Lynx games. Only I don’t have on the skin tight orange pants that the actual winner was wearing during her floor-humping dance.
This picture demonstrates the height that ye ol’ faux hawk is taking on, which I think is almost out of control. And this also shows how Katie, Matt, and I spent a good hour Saturday morning trying to get walk-in patrons to our pancake breakfast. It worked. A cop showed up. FOR BREAKFAST.

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  1. Two things:

    1. Hair wax = head viagra. Think about it.

    2. I know it’s way after the fact, but y’all missed a good opportunity to make a clever boob-related quip on your signs. Breakfast = breastfast!

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