he was trying to tell us last year

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I took this picture of Kevin Garnett last year. We were at a Lynx game (shocker) sitting on the other side of the court. And yes, that is a Boston Red Sox hat he’s wearing.

He was totally trying to warn us that he was getting traded. What a guy.

Suzi, I’m so sorry for your loss! Maybe they’ll use some of the 6870 different players they got in exchange for him and have them work more Gelato stands in the Target Center. (Hey, I don’t know. I’m grasping at straws here on trying to find the good in this situation, too.)

Mark Madsen, who plays for the Timberwolves, wrote about the trade on his blog today, and it’s kinda sad coming from a teammate!

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  1. Well, I guess the good is that we can have a favorite team in the East and a favorite in the West, right? And it’s going to be exciting to see the new three-headed monster in Boston. And mostly, when you compare it to other things, it’s not all that bad!

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