bite and suck all day long

camelbakIt was during hockey season this past winter where I figured out the wonderment behind CamelBak and their beautiful bite-and-suck bottles. I may have been drinking a wicked combination of GoldSchlager and Sour Apple Pucker (that’s puckschlager for you new people) in the back seat of Matt’s car in a parking garage, which probably wasn’t the idea behind making such a convenient bottle, but it was then that I realized how quickly I could drink from it.

A few months ago, during a trip to REI, I picked one up. It’s been hanging out at my desk at work ever since, and I use it to drink water and sometimes Kool Aid throughout my work day in an attempt to not drink so much pop.

I dropped by REI again on Saturday after our pancake breakfast to do some browsing and to also pick up another Camelbak bottle to keep at home.

With all of these magical water bottles looming, drinking a ton of water seemed like the most logical thing to do. With some prodding from a group of pretty awesome female co-workers (and for me to say any female co-worker is awesome, you know it’s an achievement), I’ve started drinking like a camel at work.

Today, I figured it was The Day – The Day to stop drinking pop. I’ve made it this far (quittn’ time at work), and there’s no way to talk me into spoiling it now by breaking into the pop machine. My Work Boys&grade; claim I’m crabby and need some caffeine really bad, but those little douches drive me to drink things like Vodka and Rum, not caffeine.

I may very well be going home to pass out with a headache and absolutely no will to stay awake any longer, but dammit, at least I’ll have made it through a day without caffeine!

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