a list about tv and my hair

  • I’ve been watching this season of America’s Got Talent. I’ve got a lot of time on my hands (apparently) and this is one of the shows that my Tivo’s been hounding me to record, so I succumbed to its all knowing power. I kind of love Butterscotch, because I love any girl that beats a bunch of boys to win the West Coast Beatbox Champion.
  • Yesterday at the dentist, they were showing an episode of Celebrity Jeopardy on the flat screen TVs that hang in all of the patient rooms. Carson Kressley (from Queer Eye), Regis Philbin, and Nancy Grace were the contestants. I could barely hear what was going on over the sound of power drills, but it was entertaining to watch nonetheless.
  • I need to get another hair cut, because it’s too long to stick up now. Instead of looking awesome, it’s kind of looking like really bad bed head every morning. Only 15 days until I shave it, so one more haircut should probably hold me until then.
  • One day, when I have a really incredible tattoo idea and about a billion extra dollars to spend, I’m totally heading down to Miami so Chris Garver can hook me up.

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