lynx win 78-73

Because there isn’t a TV station around that’ll televise WNBA games on a regular basis, I’m listening to the Lynx/Monarchs game through It’s been a while since I’ve watched a basketball game on TV, and I don’t remember ever listening to one on the radio. I’m not sure who the announcer is on this game; I just know that I envy his career. These are my favorite sports cliches he’s used so far:

  • Oh, it’s all cotton now!
  • The officiating crew not exactly on top of it tonight.
  • Let’s play a little game called “Which is the home team?” (because the officiating is once again shit.)
  • You’ve got to be kidding me.
  • You’re going to call a ticky-tack foul. That is a bad call.
  • Minnesota isn’t able to do anything without the whistling being blown.
  • And during a radio break? “For more information, call”
  • Be proud of the Lynx tonight! (Oh, hell, yes, I always am!)

I hate hate hate blaming officiating for anything that goes wrong in any sporting event, because it just seems like a cop out for a team that maybe hasn’t played very hard or maybe threw away some last minute opportunities.

With the final tally being 25 fouls by the Lynx and only 15 by the Monarchs, it just seem fishy. If you take into consideration that probably five of those fouls were called in the last two minutes when the Monarchs were trying to send the Lynx to the free throw line and save some points, it becomes even more questionable. It it were maybe 10 fouls by Kristen Mann and the other 15 by Vanessa Hayden, then I might believe it – but it doesn’t work that way when one of those two people isn’t even playing this year. Luckily, the Monarchs were entirely off their free-throw shooting game, or we would have lost the game based on trips to the charity stripe*. And it wouldn’t have been the first time.

WHEW. Go Lynx. Two in a row. Keep it up, yo.

On another note, Tuesday is the last day of our 3rd quarter at work. Normally, I’d roll with it. But I just really wanted to go to the Lynx Go Pink event that evening.

*I had to throw in one sports-related cliche from my newspaper writing days.

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