man i need some boom boom sticks

Our pancake breakfast was a success this morning. Matt, Jenni, Katie, and I spent a lot of time standing outside of a shopping mall with large posters, encouraging mall-walkers and shoppers alike that they needed some tasty pancakes (and bacon) to start out their day. Our efforts harassing the public brought in at least a dozen strangers, including a St. Louis Park police officer, who was the nicest guy ever. At least when it comes to breakfast. We tried to convince him not to arrest people that day, but I’m not so sure we were successful.

While waving homemade signs in the air, we decided we needed something for the entire team to wear during the walk. Nobody wants to wear the same type or color t-shirt, and we really want to be noticed as a team for three days. So, we came up with an idea for our newest promotional products – visors. While that site doesn’t really have a reasonable way for us to order 20 visors without spending half a paycheck, they do have some even more interesting items that would be hilarious (and awesome) for next year.

Who wouldn’t want to come to a fundraiser to get a 2 Ounce Acrylic Shot Glass or Team Boobylicious Boom Boom Sticks?

If my hypothetical wallet (it’s hypothetical, because I don’t carry one) was overflowing with money, there’s a good chance I’d have hundreds of Hand Clappers and 16 Inch #1 Hands filling my apartment, all with my name on it. That may be self centered, but it may also be extremely awesome.

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