the head shaving thing

I was flipping through the channels last night while trying to go to sleep, and wound up on some public access talk show. I have no idea what it was called; I just know the host had, in previous episodes I’d flipped through, a really nice head of hair.

For some reason last night, they were shaving it. All of it. And I started to get a little nervous. Okay, a lot nervous. Because when they were done? He had no hair. At all.

I’ve warned one of my managers at work about it, and he seemed okay with it… as long as you call offering to donate money if I need it as okay, which I think it is.

But holy crap. No hair is like NO HAIR.

Which is kind of awesome.


  1. the thing that’s going to be weird about having no hair is that people are going to touch your head all the time to feel the fuzziness.

    and i am going to be first in line to do so.

  2. I saw a woman with growing-out pink hair at Trader Joe’s the other day, and I freaked out a little. Then I talked to her about it and started getting excited about my own pink hair. Just preparing to be accosted in public.

  3. PeeWee

    I think you should write to the Lynx, and tell them about your fundraising, and arrange to get your head shaved during a Lynx game at halftime.

  4. No hair is awesome. Not to mention it grows back super quick. Just make sure you do it right when you go to shave it so you don’t aggravate your scalp. I kept myself bald for about a month before I got tired of shaving every other day. Altho, I might shave it again… headblade products are awesome for shaving, just FYI :)

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