i’m kinda in love

You may not have noticed this yet (like if you’ve been living under a rock), but I kinda love the Minnesota Lynx a lot.

Back in the day, I used to love the Chicago Bulls. A whole lot. During the 1991 NBA season (my freshman year of high school), I would stay the night at my friend Angie’s house, especially when the Bulls were on TV. Our plans would revolve around a basketball game, and we’d keep track of points, rebounds, assists, and fouls by using tick marks on a piece of wide-ruled notebook paper. I even had specific paper folders designated strictly for my score-keeping. I was high tech. And nerdy.

Then, I graduated from high school, and did things like work a ridiculous amount of hours, leaving me no time to watch all the Bulls game that were broadcast on WGN, with Johnny “Red” Kerr and the other guy’s name that I could never remember.

We’d also made the hour and a half drive from my hometown to Kansas City to watch baseball games all the time as a kid, and then I started getting into it a little heavier in 2001 or so. When I moved to Minnesota in 2003, I was very excited to be that close to any professional sports team and immediately loved the Twins. And I still do.

But then I hit a Lynx game with Erica last year and things haven’t quite been the same.

Today, I read about the WNBA player eligibility (other than having a cooch), their salary scale, and I would have read the WNBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, but the link I found didn’t work. I studied the draft for each of the past five years and read through a good two dozen Wikipedia entries pertaining to the league. I seriously think I’m in love.

I know I’m too attached to the Lynx, though, when I read through a local message board and someone goes off on a tirade about my favorite player saying she doesn’t bring anything to the team. #1) Yes, she does! and #2) Right now, there’s nobody that’s bringing anything to the team, considering we’ve lost 10 games in a row. But it’s a building year (or something), so I’m not too down about it. There’s no need to be.

And I can always look at these pictures, which are ones the players have taken themselves and absolutely make me crack up every time, mainly because it makes the players look like real people, instead of all over-the-top with their own privates jets and 8-figure salary. (Hello, run-on sentence.)

I was going absolutely nowhere with this post; I was just writing it as I uploaded and edited the pictures I’d taken from the past three games (07/03, 07/08, and 07/20) I’ve watched. Tomorrow night, the Sparks are in town, and right now they’re only a few games ahead of us in the standings. That means more pictures, more basketball, and a couple more hours of kinda my favorite thing in the world right now.

And maybe some nachos.

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  1. Willis

    Rick Mahorn was the Shocks coach that I was trying to think of the other day.

    and I want to go to a Lynx game some time!

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