Over the past few years, I’ve finally been able to actually afford vacations that didn’t consist of just driving a few hours and mooching off someone for a couch and whatever leftovers they’d throw my way. And while I still love those kinds of getaways from time to time, I’m also realizing that I really love hopping on a plane, going somewhere I’ve never really had the chance to explore, and actually vacationing like a grown up. You know, with hotels and stuff!

When trying to plan our cruise earlier this year, Jenni and I used religiously. It was a checking every day, sometimes every hour type of thing and it was the most accurate one we were able to find as far as giving prices that the airlines were actually quoting instead of some random price other “save money on these flights” sites were giving us. And you know what I love just about as much I love Guitar Hero? Cheap Flights.

I have a list of places that I still want to get to before I’m tied down with things like, well, no money. Like where? Let’s take Philadelphia, for instance. Lots of amazing historical relevance – the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the U.S. Mint, Benjamin Franklin Bridge – and I love learning me some history from places other than a text book. (Besides, the last history class I took was taught my Miss McKay, who kinda just wanted to get into the seniors pants and not teach history.) And there’s year ’round sports option for me to choose from – the Phillies, the 76ers, the Eagles, and the Flyers.

And then I’m sure it’s near Scranton, PA, and that means a tour of the local Dunder Mifflin building. (Shut up. It’s real.)

Hmm. Sidestep? Please locate Philadelphia Hotels. Thank you.

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