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Do you knit, crochet, or sew?
Do you make jewelry or pottery?
Are you an artist or photographer?
Do you bake, cook, or can?
Do you spin or make clothing?
Do you just have cool stuff you’d like to give away for an incredible cause?

Team Boobylicious is holding a silent auction on August 16 at Hubert’s. That’s a week before the Breast Cancer 3Day, our very last fundraiser of the year. And it also happens to be the same time I’ll be shaving my head for hitting my goal of $5000. More details to come on that piece of it!

We already have many great items to offer. We have autographed Twins baseballs signed by Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and the coaches. We have a professional bowling ball. We have handmade items, baked goods, and art. We have gift certificates to restaurants, and merchandise from local businesses. We have 2 $75 Timberwolves tickets.

In the interest of making this event a huge success, I would appreciate any help you can give us. I would love to be able to auction handmade or original items in particular. The results from the Boob Ha Ha were spectacular and it was all homemade! If you’re the kind of person who creates and wants to help a very good cause, please contact me via email or comments here.

You will be given very generous recognition for your contribution before and during the event, featured on our auction website, and will have the satisfaction of knowing you did a good deed. Thanks in advance for your help, and a very sincere thank you to everyone who has already donated items to the cause.

(this was kind of cross-posted everywhere and somewhat copied from Jenni!)


  1. I’m sure I’ve got some homemade stuff that I can part with. I’ll start digging through my crafty thangs. I also know that there were some things I meant to send last year that I never did so I’ll start wrangling them as well.

    Without thinking about it, I know that can donate a panoramic glow-in-the-dark puzzle of the eiffel tower and 2 environmentally consicious-themed Threadless.com tshirts.

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