just for a bit

I shouldn’t be posting, but I needed to.

My trip to visit The Cuz was incredible. The silent auction raised over $2400. I also met some incredibly gifted people, which also happened to be very awesome to hang out with. I came close to stealing a small toddler. I didn’t think about work, except when I bitched Robin’s ear off.

This morning, I woke up and headed to work, only to realize my car had been broken into somehow. The window wasn’t broken, but everything had been rifled through, including my bag of dirty clothes from the weekend and my messenger bag that holds my laptop, camera, and iPod (which they left). They also spent some time going through the box of notecards I’d won at the auction, which also held some magnets that were donated and some leftover I heart boobs pins.

Some cash, a few DVDs, and some software I was selling off Amazon.com was stolen – all from the garage underneath my apartment building. Turns out at least half a dozen other cars had been broken into, according to the Eagan police.

I called my apartment’s office this morning, and she said there wasn’t anything they could do about it. I even found out the security cameras they have mounted everywhere don’t actually record anything. Man, if that doesn’t make you feel safe, I don’t really know what does.

Ugh. I feel dirty when shit gets stolen from me.
Anyway, I’m home. Tonight, I’m settling in with my filthy dog, who once again had a very good time at the kennel, and we’re watching a lot of TV. And not moving off the couch.

Tomorrow I have an appointment that involves a drill and my mouth, which should be a good time.

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