boob ha ha final numbers!

With donations from the winning bids and some extra money thrown here and there for buttons, magnets, and other random jelly The Cuz happened to pull out of her ass cabinets, we ended the evening at a grand total of $2441. That more than doubled the amount of money I’d raised so far.

My calculations are a little rough, but I’m pretty sure I need less than $100 to meet my $5000 head-shaving goal. Right on, I say, right the f-u-c-k on. (Is it obvious I’ve spent copious amounts of time around toddlers for the past 48 hours?)

Aside from a more than successful fundraiser, last night turned into a hell of a party where I met a ton of new awesome people, whose blogs, Flickr accounts, and/or MySpace profiles I have to find.

Now, it’s off for a lunch of ice cream, because we had a breakfast of chicken wings around 2pm since we all woke up around noon.

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