how about a random list

  • Please go do a little bidding action for the Boob Ha Ha if you haven’t already. I have my eye on a couple of the photographs, because I still don’t have anything on my walls except shelves and a smashed mosquito.
  • If Clay Aiken put his foot on my armrest mid-flight, I don’t know if I’d shove him. But I may break his ankle. Clay and I are over. For real this time.
  • You know when there’s 2 minutes left in a basketball game and the home team is home by 13 or so? That’s not an appropriate time to leave if you’re sitting close to the court and there are people behind you that want to watch the whole game. Sit your asses down and wait until the final buzzer. There’s not that much traffic to beat, okay?
  • The “roving maintenance” crew is supposed to be power washing my air conditioners today. Yeah, I don’t know either. I just know I had to move a bunch of furniture and now my apartment is in shambles.
  • Work? Eww. I’m just sayin’.
  • My new computer has Vista, and I don’t really hate it. I even kinda like it.
  • Only three days until I hop a plane for St. Louis and send my dog to the babysitter once again. You have no idea how happy it makes me that Riley loves his babysitter a lot. Do you need one in the Twin Cities area? Use Canine Caretaker; you will not be sorry. His picture’s on their website even.

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