let the bidding commence

Did you check out www.boobhaha.com yet today? Bidding is under way, and there are some awesome goodies to bid on – incredible knitted goods, absolutely amazing matted (and framed!) photos, jellies, purses, clothes, a personalized caricature (how cool would be to have one of Riley and I?) and even a quilt that was handmade by my very own gramma.

The most amazing part about this whole thing? Nearly all of the items up for bid were donated by people I’ve never even met. The Cuz knows some damn generous (and other adjectives that mean incredibly awesome) people, and this whole head-shaving plan may just work out after all.

In fact, I dare you to go check it out and not totally fall in love with some of the homemade items that have been posted. No, seriously – I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU.

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