he ain’t cheap

I dropped my dog off at his babysitter this morning on the way into work. Little guy was so excited to get there, that he ran off before I could even get myself into the door. Good to know he’ll be enjoying the $100 worth of babysitting he’s getting this weekend.
A co-worker told me yesterday she read an article somewhere on MSNBC that gave people advice on how to save money. The first thing on that list was to not have a pet. I laughed a lot.

It’s enough to worry about making sure your dog has enough toys, food, and pillows in his kennel. What is that overkill? But throw in multiple pets and then you have people worrying about cat vaccines and cancer and fleas and getting hit by cars and everything else under the sun.

In conclusion, I for once agree with MSNBC. Don’t have a pet if you can’t take care of it properly (i.e. vaccines, grooming, etc.)! It’s not cheap at all. But for me? 1,000,000% worth it.

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