i started writing this on sunday

I’ve been busy! But here’s a recap, mainly so I don’t forget.

Friday: Most importantly, and thanks to Rick (and Brooke), I hit my fundraising minimum of $2200! Because of that, Jenni and I are all registered, sharing a tent, ready to walk our butts off. I, however, still need $2740 if I’m gonna be shaving my head. I actually think I can hit that, too!

LYNX GAME (photos, of course!). I love these so much, and this was no exception. I actually have to thank Erica for the tickets to the game, since it was her voucher for 4 free tickets we (Desi, Stephanie, Suzi, and I) used. Seattle was pretty touch, especially because Sue Bird is absolutely incredible. Seimone Augustus finally got into the scoring column in the 2nd half and ended up winning the game with mid-range jumper with just a few seconds to go in the game. It was an incredibly physical game and it just made me love the Lynx even more. I can’t wait until the next home game. (July 3 for anyone that’s interested!)

Here’s now I know I love the Lynx almost more than might be healthy – I felt like puking after the game. I walked around downtown a while before meeting up with Cindi, Jenni, and Matt on the sidewalk at Rock Bottom Brewery. I was loud and obnoxious because I was still full of adrenaline from the Lynx game. Matt escorted us all down to the Homosexual 90s and dropped us off to get our drink, dance, and gay on for the night. Since it was Pride weekend, the place was packed. And here are the highlights:

  • The bartender upstairs that I love(d) so much was very non-friendly and made me very furious. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST SMILE. Or quit your damn job, if you hate it so much. Cranky ass.
  • I had a Sharpie tattoo on my elbow of a spider web.
  • Cindi was my wingman, but ended finding people she knew from her hometown and almost got me into a fight. It was not her best showing!
  • We drank $2 drinks called 007. Only because they were $2.
  • My pick up lines for the night? “I like your hair.” and “I like your sweatshirt.”
  • We had chicken and waffles after bar close.
  • I spent the night on Cindi’s couch.

I got home at roughly 7:45 a.m., took Riley for a much-needed walk, where I’m certain if dogs could swear under their breath, that’s exactly what he was doing. He and I took about an hour and a half nap, and then it was on the go again. We had brunch plans! I headed to Longfellow Grill to meet up with Stephanie, Melissa, Tom, Jenni, and Matt. Brunch was amazing, and it was awesome to finally meet Melissa (and Tom)! After food, we (except Matt) headed over a couple of blocks to The 3 Day Expo, where we got to write letters to ourselves to be picked up at camp during the walk and also make signs to put on display throughout our walking route. They don’t tell us where they’re going to hang them, they just do it. That means we’ll be randomly surprised by all of our handiwork. SO AWESOME. Plus, it was fun to do a team-related type thing with Melissa there, since she misses out on the rest!

I decided on the way home from the Expo that I needed another haircut. I went in and immediately loved the lady, because she wanted my hair to be fun. Hey, I like fun! I told her about my head shaving plan for The 3 Day, and she said it’d probably take less than 3 months for my hair to get the length that it is now. (So, keep on donating!!) Also, my hair is very fun. Fauxhawk fun.

I went home for some quality Riley time, which meant tug-of-war, hugging, ear-scratching, and napping. Around 7ish, the previous crew from the day (minus 1 Stephanie, plus 1 Cindi) convened at Matt’s Bar for awesome Jucy Lucy’s, followed by a stop at the Red Dragon, and the conclusion of our night at The Naked Lady U Otter Stop Inn. I was so tired that I couldn’t even see straight.

Sunday: It was Gay Day (aka Pride and with gay pictures), which meant watching the entire Pride Parade (with Desi, Jenny, and Katie) for the first time in my five years here, lunch, and quality afternoon time at Loring Park, where I ran into a co-worker (that tried to hide from me, which is weird because she had a commitment ceremony last year and has 14 bumper stickers on her car with rainbows on them), Erica and Missy (who I was glad to see!), Eric (a buddy from my Best Buy days), and Nate (my favorite bartender at Town Talk). There were some other folk I knew there, but no more worth mentioning by name.

I got home at roughly 5ish, and can’t even remember what I did, because I was so tired.

Monday: I got very cranky at work, and even more cranky about a doctor’s appointment I had. Blah.

Tuesday: Worked from home, so the crankiness was avoided. Went to dinner with Stephanie and did some shoe shopping.

Wednesday: Got my car detailed, which included intricate removal of Riley hairs. Shopping at Target for stuff.

(And since I suck lately, I go into future mode.)

Thursday: I’m getting my windshield replaced and leaving work early. Cindi, Jenni, Jumi, Matt, and I are meeting around 5 to head over to Dickinson, ND for Roughrider Days.

Friday: Outdoorsy time in North Dakota and Montana.

Saturday: Maybe a parade and a rodeo?

Sunday: The drive back to MN. Did I mention all five of us are going in my car? This will be the true test of our friendship!

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