$30 and the weekend

Man! I am only $30 away from hitting my minimum/mandatory donation amount for The 3 Day! You have to raise $2200 before you can even do the walk, and right now, I’m at $2170. I need that $30 before the Expo tomorrow, so I can add a new sticker to my lanyard! And trust me, for The 3 Day, that’s a gigantic deal.

I wish I had one of those neat skills (like knitting or, um, anything), where I could offer something to the first person that donates enough to put me over $2200, but I don’t. I definitely have to learn something for next year!
And that brings me to my weekend plans!

Tonight: Lynx game with Stephanie and Suzi, post-game dancing with the Vajayjay Girls!

Tomorrow: Brunch at Longfellow Grill with a good chunk of Team Boobylicious, followed by the aforementioned 3 Day Expo, for which Melissa is coming into town! I will probably need a nap during the afternoon, before heading out to show Melissa a Minneapolis-good time with a visit to Matt’s Bar, and various other locations which have yet to be determined.

Sunday: Pride Parade and Festival in Loring Park. And possibly the Block Party, but I only want to go to see Frenchie Davis, and I don’t know if I want to sweat that much for someone that got kicked off of American Idol for doing porn.

What's up?