i miss my dentist

You know what sucks? I got my wisdom teeth pulled and all that crap and that wasn’t even the source of the pain that was causing me to, you know, CRY. It’s an old filling from probably 15 years ago that’s slowing falling out and slowly allowing crap to get in there (like AIR) and make me be a big ol’ baby.

Good thing I made my other dentist in Perth appointment today. Bad thing I couldn’t even get in until the 18th because I have to wait two more weeks before my mouth is “back to normal” and then his office is closed the first week of July. That means I’ll be traveling to five different states (North Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois) before then.
Son of a crap. That Vicodin better last me until then.

(Oh, and don’t worry. Once I get all my teef issues straightened out, it’ll be about time for The 3 Day. And if last year was any indication, I’ll have another couple of months of bitching about my injuries! You all win!)

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