i might like your ideas better

Some of you readers from way back will remember this, but for those new to these parts, one of my grandmas passed away in May of 2003. She was absolutely, positively one of my most favorite people in the whole world. In short, we had an incredible relationship and there’s rarely a day that goes by when I don’t think of her. Not to get entirely spiritual, but I’m certain she’s taking care of me every day.

The weekend I’ll be in St. Louis will mark her birthday, and I’ve decided that I want to get a tattoo as a tribute or in memory of her.

I’ve watched enough Miami Ink to know what I don’t want, but I’m still having trouble to decide what I exactly do want. After all, it’s permanent and stuff.

I emailed my brother for some ideas. To my brother, I write: “so, if i asked you the first 3 things you thought of when you thought of grandma (her last name), what would they be?” and he responds with some artwork:

my brother is special needs

Why, yes, that is a fish jumping from a frying pan while fishing for chapstick in one picture and the exact opposite on the other side. No, he’s not special needs… he’s just special.

My grandma was nuts about fishing, could cook anything in the world and have it turn out incredible, and was a big fan of the chapstick. Unfortunately, the only skill she passed on to me was that of the fishin’. Yeah, you guys didn’t know that about me, did ya? I’M A FISHERMAN AND A DAMN GOOD ONE. I just don’t go anymore.

In any case, I need some ideas. Obviously, it’ll be up to me in the end because it has to look good and feel right and all that stuff, but I’m absolutely 100% open to suggestions that I maybe haven’t thought of yet. And quite honestly, I haven’t thought of a lot of them. I think this one is probably more important to me than any other ones I’ve been thinking of.

So, whatcha got? Don’t be shy about commenting, but if you are, you can email me, too. I’m a good emailer. Most of the time.


  1. Hmmm.

    First I was gonna say a fish, but that might be too Jebus-like.

    How about some kinda stylized fishhook? Bonus points if you could somehow work her initials into it.

    (disclaimer: I’m really really tired.. so I might be a little bit insane.)


  2. How about a chapstick tube with a fish as a sort of a label?

    Or a fish with big huge lips putting on chapstick/lipstick?

    I also like the fish hook idea…

  3. Tear up the local bait & tackle shop looking for a really sweet fishing lure to use for inspiration. They make some really amazing ones and I’m sure you could find one that’s just cool enough to use as a tattoo but won’t make you look like a weirdo.

    Or maybe something a little less literal like the edge of a pond with some lillypads and cattails and maybe a little ripple in the water to represent maybe a fish but also the effects your g-ma had on your life over the years.


  4. PeeWee

    I like Carrie’s idea. You could call it “Fishstick” or “Chapfish” or something. Make it look like the real chapstick label, but with fish scales instead of the black.
    Do you remember that Don Knotts movie “The Incredible Mr. Limpit”? That fish had some lips.

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