i love the lynx a lot

Know what my favorite thing is right now? Lynx basketball. I forgot how much I loved basketball until sitting just a few rows up from courtside the past few games. When Kevin Garnett is five rows in front of me, or when I can read the rough drafts of what the media is putting together as a story, it’s hard not to like being that close to the action.

I love that it’s a professional sport where women are actually playing the game. I love that it takes places in an actual huge venue (in the Lynx case, it’s the Target Center) and not some generic half-size arena. I love that the crowd really gets into every play. I love that the players sitting on the bench get so excited during the game that they can barely sit down.

I love all the players. Seimone Augustus is an incredible player with extraordinary talent, but yet she seems so humble during every game that you’d never think she was the Rookie of the Year last year and leads the league in scoring as of right now. I love Lindsey Harding, not only because we got a hell of a deal in the draft by snatching her up, but because she plays like she’s been a pro for years and has more assists than anyone else in the league. I love Kristen Mann for a lot of reasons – she plays like she’s taller than 6’1″, she’s physical as hell, and she can drain a three-pointer just as easy as she can a free throw. I love the rest of the team, too.

I thought before the season that I should have just grabbed up a season ticket, because I would end up going to all of the games anyway. Next year, I definitely am. Friday’s game will be my fourth game this season, and anytime I’m in town on the day of a game, I’m going.

Here are my pictures from Saturday’s game, and my favorites are here:

Mann & McWilliams-Franklin

Seimone during a free throw

Seimone Augustus

Kristen & Seimone

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  1. Great photos, Wendy! I love the Lynx, too, but we only manage to go to a few games per year. Not enough! What I’d really like to see is a team of women and men, T-Wolves and Lynx. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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