i am a champion

You all know that I’m a champion, but let me tell you why I deserve that title tonight!

1.) I correctly hooked up my digital cable to work alongside my TiVo. I was near fits of rage last night because I couldn’t figure it out, but a cooler head (and the help of TiVo’s tech support) prevailed. I will soon have my season pass set for American Gladiators and whatever digital music channels I want. I’ll totally get my extra $6.99/month worth for the next six months.

2.) I did the whole pay it forward thing and made nice with the hooligan neighborhood kids. The TiVo lady was nice to me, so when Riley kicked into attack mode, I called him inside and apologized to the little heathens. Then, I told them that he was more scared of them then they were of him, and they didn’t have anything to worry about. One by one, all 14 of them had to come over and pet my poor pooch. He was scared out of his mind and kept looking back at me as they put their grimy little hands up to them. But now all is well in the world and maybe they’ll stop spitting their gum out in front of my door.

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