i checked and there’s no fire

I finally decided to start a new category, mainly because I bitch a lot about apartment life.


Lightning struck near my building just a few minutes ago, so part of the power went out. Only half of my apartment loses power when this happens, and I haven’t really figured that one out yet. I just know every time it happens, it causes my fire alarm to go off non-stop until it’s fixed. It’s honestly the most beautiful sound in all the land, if you’re into the high pitched screeching that makes dogs lose their mind and nervously lick their paws.

And also people that had their wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday. (You’re damn right I’m gonna milk this when I can.)

It’s been going off since 11:30. I called the emergency maintenance line at midnight, and someone said he’d be right over to look at it. It’s 12:30 now, and my apartment complex is all of two buildings. For some reason, I’m thinking he didn’t get lost, but maybe fell back to sleep in his apartment where the fire alarm isn’t screeching like a dying pterodactyl.

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