i survived!

Good news! I did not die!

Cindi took the afternoon off to babysit/drive me and her shift just ended! Granted, I don’t have a car (probably a good idea), but I do have Gatorade and pudding to eat until my heart is content.

An x-ray, yanking four teeth out, and getting somewhat back to my senses lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes. I’m not swollen much anymore, and my mouth doesn’t hurt. I’m just dribbling blood a few places.

My doctor called (from his cell phone!) less than an hour after I got home and really, I just want a hamburger or some pizza right now.

Man, I gotta find some stuff to do or I’m gonna be bored out of my mind quite quickly. You see, I’m not much of a sit-at-home-and-do-nothing type of person anymore.

I wonder if I can play Guitar Hero ALL NIGHT LONG.

Hey, only two weeks until my next dentist appointment, which involves taking care of some old fillings. Man, I’m glad I started this whole going to the dentist thing. It’s turned into a lot of fun.

(There are 8 Muslin men outside of my apartment door right now. Seriously. I’m about to put on my new basketball jersey and go take Riley outside.)

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  1. i have a video of you talking to the doctor with your mouth stuffed full of gauze or something. i can’t tell what you’re saying, but you’re pretending to box. it is AWESOME, as expected.

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