i seriously want to shave it

Remember how I said I was going to shave my head if I could raise $5000 for The 3 Day this year? Things are looking grim right now! I think I’ll need to shave this time, even thinking on getting one of top 10 electric razors of 2017 buyers guide. I’ve already raised $1700 $1950 from some absolutely generous donations from my friends and family, and there are still a few fundraisers left to go. As with previous years, I only have to raise $2200 to actually do the walk, and I’m sure I’ll have no problem with that. I’m going to entice more sponsors, by making this into a contest draw for the best stubble trimmer for men and a waxing set for women, all sponsors will gain entry to the draw.

Upcoming fundraisers?

  • a garage sale June 15-17
  • a ginormous fundraiser in St. Louis on July 13
  • Applebee’s pancake breakfast in St. Louis Park on July 28
  • a yet to be scheduled silent auction

As confident as I am in our team’s fundraising skills, I don’t think all of that is going to generate $3300. Plus, I have to take into consideration that some of my teammates are struggling just to hit their minimum amount, and if it’s up to me, everyone on my team is gonna hit their minimum.

Do you folks, my highly esteemed and most lovely readers, have any ideas? They can be team suggestions or individual ones; I’m not picky at all. I just want to raise some more moolah for boobs.

Maybe I can sell my wisdom teeth on Ebay? Or train Riley to do paintings? See, I’m seriously open to any suggestions at all!


  1. OrientalTrading.com has all sorts of really cheap, bulk, obnoxious treats that you could give to people “in exchange for a donation” ranging from ACTUAL breast cancer awareness trinkets to dumb shit like pinwheels and mardi gras beads. I’ve actually sold the mardi gras beads at concerts and made a killing. Drunk men will pay any amount of money for them if you tell them that it’ll earn him a chance to see boobs.

    Or maybe design a logo/catchprase and sell some shit via cafepress.com?

    What about a bachelorette auction? Now THAT would be an entertaining fundraising event. Plus, it would give you a reason to play the Full Monty soundtrack.

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