things i did tonight

And these are things I did tonight, rather than the things I should have been doing tonight, which include cleaning my apartment, grocery shopping, cleaning my car, and organizing stuff for a 3 Day garage sale we’re having Friday-Sunday.

  • Updated my about page. It’s painfully boring, but my creativity was nowhere to be found.
  • Uploaded, organized, captioned, and tagged pictures from this weekend’s trip to Eau Claire, WI.
  • Picked up Vicodin from the pharmacy.
  • Took one Vicodin before I got home, and took a second one shortly after when the I was crying like a baby over tooth pain.
  • Uploaded eight new pictures of my puppy that from the last couple of weeks. He’s such a character.
  • Watched Wife Swap, Super Nanny, Oprah, and How I Met Your Mother.
  • Upgraded my cable to Comcast’s Preferred Digital Package for only $6.99/month, mainly to watch American Gladiators.
  • Took an hour long nap, which was the first solid hour of sleep I’ve gotten in probably a week.
  • Spent too much time playing with photos and making absolutely nerdy things like this:

Two years of Riley

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