happy happy happy birthday

Today’s Jenni’s birthday. Happy Birthday, dude!!

I already wrote a sappy post about her earlier this year, and nobody (and I mean nobody!) deserves two sappy posts in one year.

We started celebrating last night with Greenies, the naked lady machine, and the slappy card game at Tony Jaros’, getting really grossed out at a horrible, horrible, titty bar and rounding the night out with some karaoke at the Northeast Palace.

Tonight, we’re going to a Brother Ali show. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard this dude, but since that’s what Jenni wanted to do for her birthday, I got a ticket, dammit. And then tomorrow, Riley’s going to visit his friend Eddie at the dogsitter, and a bunch of us are piling in the car(s) to visit the Leinie’s brewery (if they’ll answer the phone on their reservation line!) and go bar hopping in Eau Claire. It’ll be a good weekend, followed by a week that already has a ton of plans including a baseball game, a basketball game, and oral surgery.

No wonder this summer is going by so fast.

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