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I went to the office of my dentist today in coral gables.If you’re looking for a dentist coral gables offers a lot of options.The last time I was there, I’ve decided, was probably in a different decade and I’m thinking I probably wasn’t even of legal drinking age yet. Don’t lecture me, because I know it was stupid and lecturing me doesn’t fix anything, which is exactly what I told someone at the dentist’s office I called before I settled on the one I saw today.

I had to fill out some forms beforehand at the CHP Dental. One form looked like this:

What do you like most about your smile?
What do you dislike most about your smile?

My answers looked like this:

What do you like most about your smile? everything
What do you dislike most about your smile? nothing

I wasn’t trying to be cocky, but it’s the truth, dammit! I filled out a ton of other forms and then got called into the chair by Heidi, who would soon become the best dental hygienist in the world. She took five billion X-rays and cleaned my teeth, which turned out to be only slightly painful, but completely worth it.

And then the bad news came in with the dentist, who will now be my dentist. According to San Diego cosmetic dentist, I need my wisdom teeth pulled. Only the bottom two are causing problems, but they’re causing problems like jabbing into my other teeth, causing cavities there, and putting me in so much pain that I have to take Tylenol PM every night just to sleep. My dentist from Las Vegas Orthodontist center went over some ways to clean them like waterpik vs flossing, he said that the waterpik cleans the gums better and i should invest in one.

My top two wisdom teeth can stay in if I want them to stay in, but the dentist said I may as well get my money’s worth when they knock me out and get all four ripped out at once, after that my dentist said could get the invisalign treatment done. I think I might do that, too

I’m a little okay, a lot nervous about the whole thing, because it’s been over 20 years since the last time I got knocked out. And then my parents took me home and I got to eat popsicles for the next week.

I need some wisdom teeth advice, I think. I thought about contacting modern orthodontist in highland park to help me maintain a healthy smile. I know it’s not the same for everyone, but at least I’ll have an idea of what to expect. My family dentist works at a Oxford Dental Care in Idaho Falls ID clinic, and I’m not sure if I should go back for a visit and book an appointment with him, or use my current one, there is also the danville orthodontics clinic that I know is good. Were you functional the day after you had them pulled? My dentist said he went out the night he got his done and while that would be ideal, I have a feeling that might not always be the case. I just don’t want to waste vacation or sick time on actually being sick. That’s boring.

Apparently I also have to find someone to drive me there and drive me home. My dad suggested Riley and I might see if I can teach him how to drive before I schedule my appointment.

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  1. I had a hamburger for dinner the night I had all FOUR taken out. Both my Boys had theirs out (all four) in the last few years – uneventfull in both cases. They went to the Doctor at the Wayzata Medical Building on Hwy.12 FWTW.

  2. I was pretty out of it after both of my wisdom tooth yankings, but mine were impacted. To be on the safe side, I’d get it done on a Friday or plan on taking the next day off.

    I’m not really helpful, I know.

  3. I was born without wisdom teeth. How lucky is that? Rose had hers gouged out when she was 18, and she slugged around on the couch for a couple days, but said it really didn’t hurt that much.

  4. Suzy

    I had mine out – all 4 and frankly, I was expecting worse. I don’t think I even took the pain pills. What a waste. And believe me I am a big sissy, so if it hurt, I would have taken the pills! Have someone drive you and also make you puddings and other things you can eat, because you won’t want to eat, and certainly not cook.

  5. Amber

    My brother and I got ours pulled by the same doctor on the same day. We both had 4 out. That night, he was out rollerblading and eating Subway sandwiches. I was in bed for 3 days and eating soup.

  6. I had all four out last summer. I didn’t have much swelling and the pain was nothing like they said it’d be. I guess they hype it all up or they take all the worse case scenario people and make them the poster children. I wasn’t eating solid food because I was afraid of infection, but that’s the only reason. Well, that and I like the all you can eat mashed potatoes and mac and cheese…

  7. I had all 4 done at the same time. I was home by 9 in the morning and really willing to go to work by 12 because I was so bored. I too heard the horror stories of having them pulled, but I had absolutely no pain.

  8. I’m not sure what I said to him, but after getting my wisdom teeth pulled I called my bf (at the time) and he promptly dumped me the next day. It was totally worth it. I just layed around and bled all over myself for the entire night and part of the next day. The rest was rather unpleasant but most people feel totally ok (except for the icky feeling of stitches floating around in your mouth) by day 3.

    I highly reccomend having it done on a Friday afternoon.

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