chris heintz on the field!

My baseball obsession has kind of taken a backseat this summer, mainly because of the other stuff I have going on, but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good scruffy-faced injured-catcher from time to time.

Big Joe Mauer, you should lose the razor every once in a while. I’m just sayin’.

I’m a little scared the Twins might find themselves short on catchers, if they’re not careful. One of the Douche Sox pitchers clocked Mike Redmond with a pitch last night, rendering him unable to run the bases.

When I saw Chris Heintz trembling with nerves as he took off his catcher equipment, I had to run outside of Tony Jaro’s and let Bill and Matt know what was going on. Chris Heintz! You’re a ball player, son!

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  1. kind of dying over ‘you’re a ball player, son!’

    and, while heintz was kind of awesome today, i cannot wait for mauer’s return. especially if he brings the winning-streak beard with him.

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