written out loud

About three months ago, my apartments were sold to a company that immediately hung up this large sign, claiming that “Home Is Where One Starts From”. I’ve already gotten into an argument (and nearly fisticuffs) with the new manager, because he didn’t return my phone call, and was going to charge me $50 for something ridiculous. My cooler head prevailed for once and I, of course, was the victor of that situation.

Slowly, but surely, things have gone downhill. Some hooligan spit two loogies on the wall in the stairwell, and instead of cleaning the snot off, it’s been painted over. You can still see the crusties under the paint. The wind blew a large pine tree down into the parking lot and it stayed there for 3 days, making people drive into the grass if they wanted in the garage.

They made everyone park in the street for two days while they “powerwashed” the garage, but I’m pretty sure it never got power washed, because I worked from home the day it was supposed to be done. The garage is right below me, and I’m thinking I might have heard a little commotion.

Outside of my balcony, you can find a pair of shorts, an empty air freshener bottle, a large Super Soaker water gun, and an empty 2 liter bottle of orange soda. That type of yard decoration has been typical since the new management’s taken over.

Almost a week ago, the property jerk-offs posted this sign on the front door. My apartment is in the middle of the building, along with the garage and mailboxes. It was kind of a pain in the ass, but I was dealing with it. And then I realized I didn’t get mail for three days because my mail lady didn’t know her front door key could open the side door.

Today, I’d kinda had enough, so I took a Sharpie and wrote “then fix it” on their stupid sign. Sharpie always tells us to Write Out Loud, so I did.


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