i rocked out to nirvana, too

Three out of five of my responsibilities for the night have been completed. Although, I would only call one successful.

I stopped to get my haircut first, and it was the only time in the 5+ years I’ve lived in this state that I’ve went back to the same person. Now I know why I never do it. She wouldn’t let me tell her anything and just started cutting away. My soon-to-be-forming mullet has now turned into something that almost allows me to make my own faux-hawk. Almost anyway. So, you know what this would be a perfect time for? Getting up to $5000 towards The 3 Day, so I can shave this shit off. (I’m almost up to $1500!)
Needless to say, I won’t be visiting Binh at the Cost Cutters in Eagan anymore. And, yes, I know, you hair snobs, I shouldn’t be going to Cost Cutters anyway.

I went to exchange my phone and ended up getting the only Samsung flip phone that had a camera, other than the model I have, and guess what? I kinda hate it. It seems like it’s a step down from my phone! I haven’t heard a single good thing about the Razr, other than Ami James from Miami Ink designs some of them, but that’s not enough to convince me to buy one. I’m kinda pissed about the crappy phone, but I’ll either get over it or take it back for a refund and just keep using my old one that’s been swimming before.

And then there’s Guitar Hero II. Oh man. I’m glad I bought it when I did. It should fill in the time suck roll that all m’evening programs take up, now that they’re all working on their season finales. Also, I’m a rock star. Naturally. This would be the successful part of my evening.

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