i’m feeling inadequately prepared

The 3 Day is still over three months away, but I’ve already started dreaming about it. Last night’s dream was actually nightmare, which makes me think I should probably start training and fundraising just a little bit harder.

I dreamt it was the day of the walk and we were all meeting at opening ceremonies. I got there and realized I was wearing flip flops and a sweater, which is not exactly the attire I’d wear during The 3 Day. I was panicking, and then I realized I’d forgotten to buy tennis shoes at all, so it was either flip flops or nothing.

THEN (I know, it gets worse!), I realized I didn’t have my 3 Day credentials, which means no name badge, no stickers, and no way for them to officially check in and out of camp every night.

But the most terrible part in all the dream? We didn’t have route cards yet and Jenni didn’t even care.

I realize this dream will mean absolutely nothing to anyone that hasn’t actually done The 3 Day, but rest assured, I woke up in a sweat this morning.

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