silly ol’ dog

For starters, let me just say that I love my dog more than I ever thought I could love something that licks his own penis and pees on trees. In all seriousness, I love him more than a lot. And maybe that’s what makes his special needs so tolerable.

Today, the vet suggested I give him a fatty acid supplement to help him with his allergies. Obviously I’m leaving out some details, but they’re not relevant. These fatty acid supplements are the size of a fish oil or flax seed pill that humans take – about an inch long and a quarter of an inch wide. The vet tech today told me that I could probably just throw it in his food and he’d never know the difference, because a lot of dogs like the taste of omega fatty acid. Man, who wouldn’t?

Here’s what we’ve tried tonight:

  • the pill straight in the food
  • the pill wrapped in cheese
  • the pill dipped in peanut butter
  • shoved into this mouth and held (twice)
  • surgically implanted into a hot dog

Guess what’s lying on the carpet in the middle of my hallway? One omega fatty acid capsule, slightly licked.

Three hours of battling with him to take it and I’m spent. Now, he’s curled up on the couch, clearly full from all of the extra food he got today and no doubt smirking in his sleep about spitting it out every time. Silly ol’ dog.

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  1. Ok, I know you already paid for this big ol jar o’ pills, but if they really aren’t getting in his tummy, you may want to try fish oils.

    I dog-sat for a woman who lived in a hippie commune (no kidding) and made her own dog food out of chicken & rice & barley & veggies. She also mixed in fish oils (which humans would take in gel caps, but it also comes in a bottle of liquidy oil for dogs & maybe also for old people) for their fatty acid benefits. No pills spat or shat all over the floor & the only downside is that it smells really strongly of fish so they had some of the worst breath ever. But really, what dog doesn’t?

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