In the mail today was a letter from my car insurance company telling me that they’d no longer be paying any of my medical bills related to the back injuries I sustained in my car accident last year. The report from the doctor is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever read in my life. In short, everything that I complained of being injured when Smashy McSmasherton rear-ended me all happened to be pre-existing conditions, according to him. It even, in fact, state that I specifically denied back pain the day of the accident. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

I’ve read it through twice and I alternate between wanting to kick a doctor in the nutsack and laughing because the entire thing is so preposterous. I’m glad my chiropractor warned me in advance that this letter would be coming, and he almost quoted it word for word.

According to the doctor my insurance company hired, six weeks after the accident, I was perfectly a-okay. Any type of medical treatment I’ve received since then has not been necessary. Nice of you folks to think about this four and a half months after the fact, ya dicknoses.
Now if you’ll go excuse me, I have some pre-pubescent children hassling my dog and I need to find something to throw at them.

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