ai: 3 singers, 3 songs

The show’s down to the final three, which means tonight we get to hear three songs from each of the three finalists. And, since I’m watching it way after it was one, I don’t get to vote. I’m not happy about that!

The first round features songs the judges have picked for the contestants, the second round songs were chosen by the producers, and the singers themselves picked the last song.

Jordin SparksWishing on a Star – Simon picked this song for her. It was originally done by Rose Royce and remade by Beyonce. As it turns out, Jordin’s kind of combining both their styles, but I find her much more tolerable than Beyonce. Don’t tell Jay-Z I said that.
Randy compares her to Beyonce and said it was really good. Paula thought it was a great way to start the show. Simon said she sang it brilliantly, but didn’t like the arrangement.

Blake LewisRoxanne – This is gonna be cheesy, and since Paula picked it, I’m not surprised she went that route. I like when he goes with the tie and sweater vest combination, because it just fits him. The choreography he’s throwing into his performance just adds to the cheesiness factor. And wouldn’t you know Paula is up dancing all around?

Randy called it a great, great performance, says it’s Hot and will give him an 8 on the performance. Paula thought it was fantastic. Simon didn’t think it was Earth shattering, and said it wasn’t great, but it was good.

Melinda DoolittleI Believe in You and Me – In Randy’s fax to the mayor of Nashville, he’s sure to throw in that he’s worked with Whitney Houston. I love it when he does that. I like Melinda Doolittle better than the current day cracked out Whitney Houston. She made this song her own, instead of just trying to mimic Whitney.

Randy said the real reason he picked the song was to see if she could really do it. He also said she blew it out the box. I think that’s a good thing. Paula called it once of her best performances of the season. Simon said it was her best performance in the last four weeks and called her the winner of Round One.

Jordin SparksShe Works Hard for the Money – Before she sings, Ryan sings Mmm Bop. I don’t like Ryan much. Is this the second song that’s somewhat prostitute-related? This is another performance by Jordin that makes me forget she’s only 17 years old.

Randy thought it was hot and it doesn’t matter what song she sings, because she always works it out. Paula thought she worked hard for the money and was fantastic. Nice, Paula. Simon was confused about Paula’s comment and said that it was a very good performance.

Blake LewisThis Love – This is a song that could make or break him. This is a song I would not have thrown the beatboxing into, but Blake does it anyway for a few bars in the middle of the song. Paula is once again dancing like a lunatic.

Randy said this was the kind of record he should make. Paula was hoping he would do a song like that and said it was a good night for him. Simon preferred the Maroon 5 song as opposed to the Sting song from before and called it good.

Melinda DoolittleNutbush City Limits – What kind of fucking song is that? Seriously. First of all, of course Melinda can rock out to a Tina Turner song, but can we just pick one that doesn’t have the dumbest name in all the world? She, as expected, was terrific.

Randy thought she should put songs like that on her album. Paula loved her. Simon also loved her and said it was another brilliant performance. The judges think it’s a tie for the winner of Round 2.

Jordin SparksI Who Have Nothing – Didn’t they usually wait until the finals to pick songs that they’d already done? She did a terrific job the first time she did this song, and now on the 2nd time she’s done it, the judges are too busy talking to each other to really pay attention to her performance, completely ignoring how into the song Jordin is.

Randy thought it was her best performance of the night, and Paula thought it was a good choice. Simon didn’t like the fact that a 17 year old was singing a 60 year old song.

Blake LewisWhen I Get U Alone – Sir Mix A Lot and Blake doing a duet? AWESOME. Now, I don’t know this Robin Thicke song, and I kinda wish he would have went with the one that’s getting overplayed on VH1 every morning. It was kind of a weird performance that would try to get him into the top 2.

Randy just thought it was alright. Paula said he had three great performances tonight. Simon really liked it and liked how Blake always takes risks.

Melinda DoolittleI’m A Woman – She goes with a song she’s already done, too. I don’t think this performance or Jordin’s are risks at all, because they’ve already learned the songs and obviously already done a good job with them. I like how she brings out the background singers towards the end, though.

Randy remembered when she did it on the show before, and thought it was hot again. Paula liked how she was stepping out into the spotlight and called her fantastic. Simon loved the strip tease at the top of her performance (she took her jacket off) and said he would award her a place in the finals based on her week-after-week consistency.

I’m not guessing who’s going home, because I don’t want any of them to go.

What do you American Idol addicts think?

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  1. I can’t pick who’s leaving, either. I kind of want to say it’ll be Blake, but it’s likely that Melinda and Jordin will split votes, so one of them will go.

    Clara Jane fell in love with Jordin last night. She said, “I love that girl!” and then concocted a fantasy where she and Jordin and “the other kids” (Blake and Melinda, I’m assuming) run off to be pink dotted butterflies together. Which makes me think Clara Jane’s starting to channel Paula Abdul.

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