let’s just not ask why

But watch this:

That is so not the real Danny Tanner! Apparently, in the pilot episode, John Posey played the role of Danny Tanner, instead of the real one – Bob Saget. Don’t you think John Posey is kicking himself in the ass now!
Consider yourself educated, and you’re welcome!

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  1. Stephanie L.

    I never knew that! If it’s possible, this guy looks even dorkier than Bob Saget! I loved Full House when I was little — my two sisters and I were the same ages as DJ, Stephanie and Michelle.

  2. Willis

    jodie sweetin had a bad drug addiction, candice cameron married a hockey player, and the olsen twins, well we all know what happened to them.

    and jeez, I couldn’t even imagine a show on tv today having that long of an intro.

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