too wound up to write cohesively

  • Hey, did you guys notice my super girly design? I love WordPress for the theme-changing option most of all.
  • Since my head shaving announcement yesterday, I brought in $100. Awesome. I’m now at $1000 – 1/5 of the way to baldness.
  • The Gay Club Mix radio station on Yahoo! Launchcast is my favorite, because it goes between techno, horrible  awesome remixes of my favorite 90s songs, and Justin Timberlake. Those gays put together some good music. Hey, it was either that or Love Songs.
  • Apparently Britney Spears’s Buzz Cut Looks Great, at least according to People magazine and one of her backup dancers.
  • Cindi got trapped in a large box last night. What? It was a gigantic box. How could one of us not climb into it?
  • I got my bonus check today and you’re welcome, Uncle Sam, for the 42% of that check that went to you. Cranky old bastard.


  1. I like your super girly design! Actually, I popped over from work today (shhh!) and you and Riley were the president on a two-dollar bill. Gave me a huge thrill, because I usually read through boring ol’ RSS.

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