he also gets yeast infections

As I mentioned earlier today, Riley’s at the vet for his bi-monthly checkup. I dropped him off before work this morning and as I was walking out of the pet store that I hate (Petsmart), I met his doctor. I said hi to her and she didn’t respond, because I’m assuming she didn’t recognize me without my very recognizable dog.

She just called me to let me know what was going on and was crabby. I’m concerned that my dog’s vet (who is absolutely awesome with him and with my idiotic questions) has some personal problems that she’s not effectively dealing with, because she’s never not-friendly! Unfortunately, I don’t think we have the type of relationship where I can say “Is there some personal issue you’re dealing with right now? You can tell me about it. I won’t judge.”
Because you all love Riley’s health issues, I’ll let you know the following:

  • He’s probably at his biggest weight now (75 lbs).
  • He’s been chewing on his paws again and now he gets prescription antihistamine.
  • He also has an ear infection, so we get to do special ear cleaning with prescription medication.
  • His “free doctor visit” that his health insurance covers, now costs $80.

Also, before she was crabby, his awesome vet said, “Riley’s such a good boy. He’s just so sweet.” Yes, I know. Thank you.

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